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Photographer profiles.

johnny profile
This is Johnny. Ever since he was 9, he has been intrigued by photography and the inner mechanics of a camera. Although only 20 years old, he is very experienced in the field of photography and specialises in using nature as a canvas. Trained by elite photographers, he has mastered the art of photography. Need a photographer quick? Johnny is your guy. He will never disappoint.
james profile
This is James. Inspired by his father, a wedding photographer, James picked up his first camera at age 7. Now, at 21 years old, he has mastered the art and is able to deliver top-notch quality photos. Fueled by passion, James will do whatever it takes to deliver the best photo which captures the moment. His photographs are filled with emotions, as if it literally captured all the feelings at that point. He is definitely one of the greatest.
daniel profile
This is Daniel. Known as one of the most innovative photographer in this day and age. He is able to make use of mundane objects such as tables, chairs and even shoelaces in order to create awesome photos. If you are looking for someone to capture a photo that is out of the ordinary, Daniel is the guy to look for. His ideas and creativity is way beyond anyone else. He is the Picasso of photography.